Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tweet Tweet

I wasn't really quite sure as to what I was getting myself into when I bought my moped. I was a little nervous at first because I was a little scared to drive it. Turns out after the first test drive, I was sold. What a grand old time it was to just drive through St. George and be out in the open. Actually to have a machine that could get my body going that fast in such a short period of time was a rare find in itself.

Those of you who gander over my blog posts and say, "What a waste".... well, come june, july when gas prices get up to $4 a gallon, you will be sayin, "Man, what a waste for me." :) although the machine takes premium unleaded only, It ranges from 100-125 miles to the gallon. so it makes up for the 33 cents extra I spend buying the higher octane and the 100's of dollars of gas going the same distance. what a great thing to think about.

Plus with driving around campus all day it makes a great vehicle to cruise around on and save on money. (Also for parking at the bike rikes right on campus)

I understand now what the bikers mean when they say, "There's nothin like cruisin" as two of my buddies (who are also over 300 pounds) have mopeds as well. We enjoy the cruisin down the BLVD. and just havin fun. Our "Biker Gang" is called 320+.... quite fitting actually, only because it's quite the sight to see 3 "well-fed" guys cruisin on these tiny, yet poewrful machines.

For those of you thinking of buying one of these machines, they come cheap as well. mostly becasue you can't drive them on the freeways. they range from 50cc's ($850) up to 1800cc's (motorcyle- $8,000-15,000) mine is a 150cc and I got a smokin deal. they are worth the buck for the gas and for the fun. Stress relieving as well. just couldn't say enough.

'do good'

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Strings Of The Heart"

"If there be one thing I love, let it be the harmonic connection we are capable of sharing between souls."

What a gift the lord has given us. I don't think too many people look at music this way, but so many times in my life have I looked to the heavens and created a song directed to our heavenly King. So many times that music has pushed me to joy and tears in knowing that our creator is greater then we are but yet he still allows us to feel heavenly joy and peace in this wicked world.

This is why I love August Rush. It tells the story of how music really can be the most powerful influence to ones soul. This is what some people say is the best way for missionary work. Singing Hymns and praises!

I won't get to much into the movie, but what an amazing portrayal of music. I have actually had real life experiences similar to "August".

I had a bishops interview, of which before hand I went to the piano and started playing, messing around. I tried for about an hour or so to find a sound that would penetrate my deepest insides. One that would allow me to tune the strings of my heart to peace and joy! I then heard some sounds in my head that I duplicated on the piano and a sudden burning sensation, a peaceful breeze came to my soul. It was as though the music flowed from my heart to my fingers. Even though I created something simple, playing it over and over again seemed to be one of the most special moments I've shared with my heavenly Father.

I told the Bishop about my experience, he then looked at me and said, "You've got an amazing gift". He then went on to say that he wakes up in the middle of the night and hears a tune in his head, One he's never heard before. Then he lives on through out the day and the melody continues to go on in his mind. He says he doesn't know where it comes from, but he is proud of what his mind has produced. Uncapable to create the same sound on the piano, he told me, "That's something you've been blessed with."

I've always felt very humble about the talents the Lord has given me, very greatful! I always tell people that music is inside of me. It's really not something I've learned, it feels like it comes from deep within. I don't know how to read music on the piano, but I know how my heart is moved by I feel that this is why I love barbershop music so much. From what God has given us (Our bodies) comes a harmonic sound that penetrates the soul. A beauty that comes from the creation of God.

Just love the guitar and the good times it brings!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Life To The Fullest

There are many things in life that influence mindsets, actions, behaviors and attitudes.
I have sat at many BYU games throughout my life and have become an avid follower of the Cougs' and have desired much for thier success. I have found that BYU is a positive influence in my life. Some may say, "Give Up! It's just a game!" Which always makes me want to say, "You give up! This game has been a huge part of my life and has lifted my spirits many times". I think those people actually are the ones who don't understand the game or never were any good at it. No offense, but that's normally how it goes. It seems if we really aren't good at something, or know nothing about it we really have no interest in it. Then little by little, once someone learns more about something it becomes more interesting to them. :) or so i've come to know.

I would love to reitterate a quote from BYU football coach Bronco Mendenhall, "If ones Religion can not be involved in all aspects of their life, then why have a religion at all?". This quote has actually helped my life in tremendous ways. Although it is simple to the thought, it is easily forgotten that life is only truly pleasant, when we have peace in our souls.

Entering a new thought process is often times the most difficult stage we go through in life. renewing old commitments and changing negative behaviors to becoming a better person who positively influences others to be thier best selves is one of the great tasks we face in our world today. This change is so widely looked at as negative. The world throws in the idea to "Be your own self!" which is fine and good, but in essence, what hope do we have as individuals? What reason do we live and what do we potentially achieve as merely humans? When I think of these statements a gentle thought comes to mind, "Our potential is Celestial and the reason we live is because the Lord lives". Could you imagine what the world would be like if we all knew our own potential and the reasoning of our life and purpose of our being?

Being able to wake up each day with a smile on my face bacause of the simple peace that has axcited my soul has been the most pleasent experience in my life. To actually live for peace, love and purpose. There is also understanding in so many ways that allows this peace to linger in times of WAR and hatred in our world.

I have been many places in my life, Physically as well as spiritually. Each part of my life and my exsistence has been very significant in the strength and ability I have attained in order to live life to the fullest, but mostly just to be able to wake up each day and smile. :)